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About Urban Celt

Step into the world of Urban Celt, where every piece tells a story of Celtic and Irish culture, history, and heritage. Our brand is a homage to the resilient spirit of our forebears, their quest for independence, and the rich cultural tapestry that weaves through our lives.

Urban Celt proudly presents a bespoke collection of clothing, footwear, homeware, and gifts, each custom-made to order. Most of our unique designs are steeped in Celtic artwork, symbolizing the depth and beauty of our traditions. From the intricate knots to the legendary creatures that grace our products, every item is a curated expression of our past.

We celebrate the lively traditions of Irish music, song, and dance, and the competitive zeal of Gaelic games. Our offerings embody the essence of ‘craic agus ceol,’ ensuring that the joy and fellowship of Celtic life are captured in everything we create.

Embrace the journey with Urban Celt as we honor our history of rebellion, our heritage and craft a legacy for the future. Our brand is not just a label; it’s a custodian of memories, a conduit for the Celtic and Irish spirit, and a destination for those who cherish our shared lineage.

Even though we are based in Tralee, Co Kerry most of our products currently are not produced here in Ireland at present due to the fact we can't find production partners to match our business model. We are a Print on Demand business which means that every order is hand crafted, and printed to order. We have taken every care to ensure all our products are to the highest standard. We deal with a few different production partners from the Ireland, UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

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